An Information Systems Company

An Information Systems Company

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S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC is an Information Systems Company that designs and builds custom software solutions for businesses and organizations. The systems that we build are hosted and accessible via the internet. This is referred to as SaaS, Software as a Service. We design custom SaaS systems for businesses and organizations to enhance and simplify the way they do business. We have over 20 years of experience creating systems to collect, organize, process and display information. Our systems are designed to employ self-management wherever possible and ease of use when hands-on manual processing is required. We are confident that we have the experience and creativity necessary to design a system that will meet your needs and that of your company.

Our systems are:


Easily accessible and viewable on any screen type: desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.


Accurately and effectively represents and meets the needs of the business or organization.


Easy to maintain to stay relavant and up to date with the business.


All site designs come with SSL Certificate protection.


S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC has built custom website and information systems for many businesses and organizations.


Christ Apostolic Life Church


Camp Construction Company

Nonprofit Organizations

The Hope Revolution


His Rare Butterfly

Fitness & Nutrition Trainers

CAR Faith Fitness

Athletic Departments

Chapel Hill Cheerleaders

S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC has also built custom SaaS systems for:

  • School District Technology and Science Fairs
    • Registration
    • Judge Login
    • Judge Forms
    • Monitor
    • Dashboard
    • Admin Login
    • Maintenance Page
    • Result Page

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  • Demographic and Reporting Systems
    • Profile Form
    • Check-In
    • Dashboard
    • Admin Login
    • Maintenance Page
    • Report Page

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  • Evaluation and Voting Systems
    • Voting Ballet Page
    • Check-In
    • Dashboard
    • Admin Login
    • Maintenance Page
    • Result Page

    Request Demo

  • HOA and Community Systems
    • Calendars
    • Contact Page
    • Important Links
    • Admin Login
    • Maintenance Page

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  • Sales Tracking Systems
    • Payment Page (Square, PayPal, PushPay, CashApp, etc.)
    • Dashboard
    • Admin Login
    • Maintenance Page
    • Report Page

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  • Registration and Ticketing Systems
    • Registration Page
    • Admin Login
    • Maintenance Page
    • Dashboard
    • Result Page

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S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC latest designs:


Desktop Computer View

Tablet View

Smartphone View


S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC pricing chart identifies starting price for system designs. Actual cost of system design will be based on functionality, size, features and hours of development.

Domain Secure
Hosting 100 MB Storage
500 MB Storage
More than 500 MB Storage
Email Accounts
2 Email Accounts
5 Email Accounts
More than 5 Email Accounts
Database 3 Data Tables
More than 3 Data Tables
Pages/Sections 1 Page w/ 5 Sections
5 Pages w/ 10 Sections
More than 5 Pages
Total Design & Development Hours 2hrs - 4hrs
4hrs - 24hrs
More than 24hrs
Includes 1st year domain and hosting cost.
Starting price

Order Basic System
Starting price

Order Premium System
Starting price

Order Custom System

Yearly Renewal
Basic System Yearly Renewal Premium System Yearly Renewal Custom System Yearly Renewal
Domain and Hosting
$84/year    Save $36
$300/year    Save $60
$500/year    Save $100


IT Consulting

$82 / hr FREE 15-Minute Analysis

Request IT Consulting Service

S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC offers consultation services at an hourly rate. A FREE 15-Minute analysis will be conducted to identify if we can be of service. Our consultation service can be used to assist with system designs, understanding IT solutions available to assist a specific needed, researching IT solutions, troubleshooting issues with systems that you own (that were not developed by us) and more. S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC desires to empower anyone willing to increase their understanding of how IT systems can help meet their needs or improve their business or organization.


$41 / 30-Minutes

Request Maintenance Service

S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC offers system updates to be purchased in 30-Minute increments. Maintenance includes updating exisitng system with new information or additional functionality to an existing system. NOTE: If the system that we designed is not functioning correctly, we will correct under Support Agreement instead of Maintenance.

System Training

$75 / hr - S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC Design
$160 / hr - Other Systems

Request System Training

S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC offers training for systems that we create. We will also conduct training courses/classes for systems that were not designed by us.


$20 / hr FREE 15 Minute Analysis
Students Only

Request Tutoring

S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC offers tutoring services at an hourly rate. A FREE 15 minute analysis will be conducted to identify if we can assist. S5 CUSTOM DESIGNS, LLC makes no guarantee of grade on assignments. Student will be asked to provide the instructions for the assignment given by the instructor and any additional information necessary to understand the requirements. We can assist with the following types of classes: Introduction to Computing, Web Development, PHP, JAVA, C++, TIBCO, Database (MySQL, SQL SERVER, ORACLE, DB2). Contact us if course of interest is not listed; we will evalaute and identify if we can assist.